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Jason — Meats in Emerald, QLD
Fair Dinkum Meats in Central Highlands is an established butcher shop in Emerald QLD.

We have grown rapidly since our inception and believe our continued growth is due to our exceptional quality, value and personalised service.

When we made the decision to launch, we were excited about becoming an integral part of the community. One of the ways we achieve this is by offering an extensive variety of fresh, quality meats, which is locally sourced whenever possible.

We know the value of investing in our local community and we are committed to doing so by sourcing local foods produced by local people.
Our products and level of service are something we are very proud of. We differentiate our products based on 7 key factors:
  1. Value - we control price and quality so we can deliver value to customers.
  2. Integrity - we offer total product integrity because we know the origin of the animal, when and how it was killed, how it was stored and transported, how it was processed and of course how it was sold through our shop.
  3. Range - we produce a broad range of products tailored to suit our local customers.
  4. 100% - we offer 100% Australian products and source as much as we can from the local area
In addition, we differentiate our products by investing in key local factors that are intrinsic to our brand and believe are of importance to our customers:
  1. Local investment – we will invest in our community, local products produced by local people.
  2. Upskilling - we will upskill local workers from the community, customers will feel connected to our brand through our skilled people.
  3. Local jobs - we will create local jobs that connect us with our community.
If you have any questions, our knowledgeable team know all there is to know about the products we stock, from how they’re sourced to how to best cook them to retain maximum flavour, tenderness and nutritional value.
Meat Selection — Meats in Emerald, QLD

Our Procedures


Our business procedures concentrate on all the areas of the supply chain that can add (or detract) from our brand promise:
  1. Supply process - we establish relationships with suppliers back as far as the farm and the slaughterhouse. We want to know where our meat comes from, how it is processed and that it meets our high standards.
  2. Transportation process - Fair Dinkum Meats purchased its own dedicated truck to transport our meat from source to shop. This enables us to control the timing of purchase, how it is handled in transportation and eliminates any unnecessary wait times in 3rd party logistic depots, which also eliminates unnecessary handling. This process delivers higher quality meats at lower cost to our stores, increasing value for our customers.
  1. Butchery process - good butchers are trained, coached, motivated and developed to exceed high standards. Our Butchers undergo a formal apprenticeship and dedicated training to excel in their art.
  2. Retail process - A key element of our competitive advantage is the retail experience of our customers. We put significant time and effort into ensuring high quality produce is in our stores and our retail processes ensure that is matched by excellent customer services. That differentiates us from cookie-cutter retail chains and home delivery “stop and drop” wagons.
  3. Marketing process - our marketing strategy concentrates on communicating the core value proposition of Fair Dinkum Meats: great value, great quality, great service.
Awards — Meats in Emerald, QLD

Awards & Recognitions


We are committed to providing as much assistance to the community as possible. We regularly provide products to community organisations at a reduced price and also sponsor clubs and we provide money/vouchers to organisation when needed.

Over the past 4 years we have actively taken part in events within the area and assist where we can.

Earlier this year Jason took part in the annual Springsure cattle camp for the local children, providing a demonstration on how to corn silverside.
We also took part in the Springsure State School Drought Master Paddock to Plate: we were able to provide our slicing and cutting for the Steer that the school had grown.

We are proud to have been recognised by our local community for excellence in products and services. We’ve been awarde bronze and silver medals at the Queensland Regional Sausage King Competition.

  • Capricorn 2017 Sausage King
    • Traditional pork sausage (bronze medal)
    • Poultry: chicken, spinach and fetta (silver award)
    • Continental sausage: Italian (silver award) and Filipino (silver award)
  • Nominated for the Community Champions Awards 2017
Fair Dinkuum Meats Shop — Meats in Emerald, QLD

New Innovations


Some of the new innovations we will be implementing include:
  • Smokehouse manufacturing facility: We will be building a new manufacturing facility, which will provide smoked ham, bacon etc for the Central Highlands region, providing jobs and ensuring our ability to provide good quality products at a great price.
  • We are also planning to build a Slaughter yard in the area, providing a much-needed avenue for local farmers to bring their own cattle/pigs/lambs to be slaughtered.