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Meats — Pork and Beef in Emerald, QLD
At Fair Dinkum Meats, we provide a selection of thick and juicy steaks, chops and poultry and we also have a wide choice of gourmet meats for when you want to prepare something extra special.

Our gourmet range includes specialty meats that are just a little bit different and the same strict quality criteria still applies.

If you need help choosing meat that will work perfectly for a special occasion, our knowledgeable team will be happy to help you with expert tips and advice on selection as well as preparation of any of our meats.

We stock the following gourmet meat:


Goat – Try our selection of delicious goat meat. Goat has a tender texture and mild flavour that makes it excellent for many dishes. It’s especially well-suited for meals that typically use lamb and other red meats. Goat is also very lean, containing less fat than other red meats.

Emu – Although emu is actually a bird, its meat is considered a red meat. It has a taste that is much like lean ground beef. We can help you choose the best cuts of meat, as well as give tips on how to correctly cook this specialty meat.

Crocodile – Contrary to what many think upon looking at the animal, crocodile has a tender meat and a relatively mild taste that is reminiscent of chicken but with a texture that is similar to fish. It is considered a delicacy by many.

Kangaroo – This meat is lower in fat than other red meats and has a rich taste that adds flavour to any meal.

Rabbit – Comparable to poultry, rabbit is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals and a versatile alternative to add to your recipes.

Whether you are looking for a tasty dish to make a great impression or you just want something different, we can help you choose a gourmet meat to fit the occasion.

Our expert team can provide information on the source of any of our meats and can recommend preparation and cooking methods.